We hope you are getting ready for an epic 2023 Genesis Adventure Race! We are having a fabulous time getting this race planned! Wellington Lake is beautiful right now!!  There is little to no show on the ground, the lake is ice-free, and the trails are spectacular!  Temperatures have been in the mid-50s to 60s.  Perfect for racing!

Regardless – the races WILL take place!!


There is plenty of water on the course – bring your water filtration system!  Water will be available at the TA, and Tailwind Nutrition supplement with a perfect balance of electrolytes.


Exciting Television Opportunity

Do you want to have the opportunity to be on Amazon Prime?  Teams racing in Genesis 12 hour, Never Summer 24 hour, and Bears Ears 36 hour may find themselves on TV.!  If your team is interested, please notify the Race Directors to apply! *Must register for all three races.

Race Check-In All Races

Saturday 6-8 pm – Maps will be provided

Sunday 6-8 am – Maps will be provided

Passports will be handed out at the pre-race meeting.


Please do not check in at the Wellington main office. Check-in will be at the Brown lot just East of the office (map below).


  • 12 Hour racers should expect to utilize your 1:24,000 UTM tool to map several points.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand!  Instruction link in the Gear list.

  • 6 and 8-hour racers:  You will receive a blank map and must copy the checkpoints onto your maps from a master map.  Available at check-in.  

  • You will need your phone to take a picture of the hint sheet.  We also recommend you take pictures of the map in case you reach a point and must be sure you are marked correctly.


Race Schedule

Genesis 6 and 8-hour race

  • Passports will be handed out at the pre-race meeting

  • Expect to carry ALL cycling and running gear on the first leg of the race. You will leave cycling gear at the first TA before trekking, but nothing can be left at the TA when you leave on the bike.

  • 8-hour race start time: 9:00, racer meeting 8:30 am

  • 6-hour race start time: 10:00, racer meeting 9:30 am

  • End time: 8-hr race 5:00 pm/ 6-hr race 4:00 pm

  • Awards 1-hour post-race finish

Genesis 12-hour race 

  • Racer meeting 6:30 am

  • Passports will be handed out at the racer meeting

  • Start time: 7:00 am

  • End time 7:00 pm

  • Awards 7:30 pm


Boat/Bike/Gear drop 

  • All teams will be allowed gear bin(s) to be dropped at the appropriate location revealed at check in, Brown lot, east of the Wellington Lake office. No restriction on size as you will be carrying it to the location. 

  • 12-hour racers will also be dopping their bikes at this location.

  • If you rented a canoe or kayak, they will be available at the check-in location (Brown Lot).  You and your team will be responsible for picking up and carrying your rented equipment to the drop area. As well as returning it to where you picked it up!


  • Wellington Lake may have a few boats left. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to reserve a kayak for the entire race day as soon as possible. 

  • The boat sections for all races will now be on flat water.



  • If you have reserved a camping spot through us, it will be in the open area we have reserved called Elk Meadow. There will be signs directing you to the location.



Climbing Section

We are excited that SAI guides are returning to sponsor the climb and repel section!  They will provide a limited number of harnesses, but you are strongly encouraged to bring your own equipment (harness, ATC type belay device, and 1 locking carabiner) to assure fit and possibly reduce wait time.  You MUST wear your bike helmet in this section.  No helmets will be provided.  

There is still room in their Intro to Climbing course on Saturday. You can sign up here for that.