MAY 21, 2023


The Genesis Adventure Race is designed to be an introduction to the amazing world of adventure racing.  Teams will race to navigate, run, bike, and traverse water to find checkpoints and finish surprise obstacles in the allotted time. If you’ve ever dreamed of challenging yourself in an exciting, fun, and unique race format, Genesis is for you. If you are a seasoned veteran of adventure racing, this is an excellent opportunity to encourage others and get friends and family involved alongside you. Show them your passion and impress them with your skills. You will have fun, laugh, sweat and power through this 8-hour course and come out feeling a sense of accomplishment!

Teams will choose their own route (using a map provided) and learn the strategies of adventure racing. Teams will wonder, “Do we take the short and steep route or the longer but gentler route to a checkpoint?” There will be many required checkpoints, and even optional “pro points” to allow each team to make a critical decision to go for the extra points, or to play it safe to assure you finish within the time limit. Teams will be ranked according to how many of the disciplines and checkpoints they complete and if they cross the finish line – before time runs out!

Please contact us with any questions on adventure racing and the race format. Remember… “On the other side of fear – is freedom, and only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go!”


Race format

Please read all racer updates.

Team changes

If any changes need to be made to your team, please email [email protected].

Boats for 8-hour race

The boat section will be flat water. Boat rentals can be acquired through Wellington. The boats should be rented for the entire day.


We are holding this year’s Genesis at Wellington Lake in Bailey, Colorado.


Racers will navigate the unmarked course by hiking/trekking, running, mountain biking (dirt road/trail), paddling (flat water), climbing, and rappelling.


Racers must form teams of 2-4 in order to participate.


Please click here for a list of all required gear and equipment.


A hand-launched boat is required for this race. You must be able to lift your vessel out of your vehicle and place it in the water in order to use it on Wellington Lake. We do not allow boat trailers to back into the water. Electric and gas motors are not permitted and will lead to disqualification.

If you need to rent a boat, use this site to rent a kayak.


We love our volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering for this race, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and the race director will be in touch.


We are taking COVID-19 seriously and want to ensure that all our race participants, as well as our community, are safe. If necessary we will implement a plan and guidelines to keep in compliance with local communities in order to keep all involved healthy. For more information, click here.


Additional information


Friday, May 19: 

camp check in 1pm-8pm

Saturday, May 20: (8hr race schedule)

(This page not updated for 2023)

6-8 am- check-in/receive maps

8:15 am-  Pre-race meeting

9 am- 6-hour Advanced Race Start

3 pm- Time Penalty cutoff 

5 pm- Results posted

5-8 pm- (May 22nd 6 and 12 hour Race Check-in). Maps will be provided for both  6 and 12-hour race.

Sunday, May 22: 12-hour racers

5 am- late check-in/maps

5:30 am- Maps and race meeting

7 am-12-hour race start

7 pm- 12-hour race cutoff

7:30 – results

Sunday, May 22: 6-hour racers

6-8 am- late check-in/maps

8:15 am- Pre-race meeting

9 am- 6-hour race start

3 pm- Time penalty cutoff 

5 pm- results


Rules can be found here.


Do I have to have a teammate? 
Yes, it is required to have at least one person on your team. You must participate in the race together and finish together to place in the race. Limit of 4 per team.

Is this Family Friendly?
The May 22nd 6hr race is intended to be an entry-level race for beginners. Map reading will be simple, as long as you can read a road map, you should be fine. There will be large landmarks at this race so you should be able to orient yourself quickly before getting lost. Always remember, even the best get lost!

What is the age limit?
We do not have an age limit. An adult must be part of the team if there is someone under the age of 18 on the team. If your kid can run/hike 3-5 miles, bike 10, and row 1-2 miles, you are welcome to give this race a go.

What kind of boat do I need?
All watercraft must be hand-launched. This means that you must be able to lift your vessel out of your vehicle and place it in the water in order to use it on Wellington Lake. We do not allow boat trailers to back into the water.  Electric and gas motors are not permitted and will lead to disqualification.

What kind of gear do I need?
Here is the required gear list. All other gear will be optional. NOTE: It will be cold at Wellington Lake with possible snow. Dress appropriately.

Will the race get canceled?
No, we will race in rain or snow. Dress appropriately. 


Cancellation Policy: We are unable to offer refunds on race registration fees.* However, we will happily transfer your entry to a future race.
*If we end up having to postpone or cancel the 2022 race due to COVID, all registered racers will receive a full refund.


Are you needing a teammate to compete with in one of our races? Check out the Adventure Race Teammate Finder Facebook page for other racers looking for partners!




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