NOMAD is a 48-hour adventure race where teams of 2, 3, or 4 race together in some of the most beautiful, and challenging terrain Colorado has to offer. Racers will navigate the unmarked course on foot, mountain bike, and water. Expect to be challenged both physically and mentally as you race to complete the course in time while collecting as many checkpoints as possible. This year’s race will be a true point-to-point course so expect to adventure through a wide diversity of terrain and environments.


This race has not been permitted by the Forest Service.  It is no longer an official race, but racers may do the course, free of cost. Please contact the race director for more information.


We are holding this year’s NOMAD in Eagle County, Colorado. Official location TBD!


Racers will navigate the unmarked course by hiking/trekking, mountain biking (dirt road/trail), and river paddling (flat water). 


Racers must form teams of 2-4 in order to participate.


Mandatory Team Gear
Water Purification Method
Folding Knife
First Aid Kit
Working Cell Phone
Maps (provided)
Passport (provided)

Mandatory Individual Gear
Sufficient clothing for weather & weather change
Rain Jacket with Taped Seams
Base Layer Change
Emergency Blanket
Water Source  
Sufficient food
Extra batteries for headlamp (recommended)

Paddling Gear
Kayak or packraft
Paddle with reflective tape 
Personal Flotation Device
2 green glow sticks per boat 
Gloves (recommended)

Trekking Gear
Running/Hiking Shoes
Spare Socks (recommended)

Biking Gear
Mountain Bike
Spare bike tire or patches (per team)
Bike tool (per team)
Bike pump or CO2 (per team)
White front bike or helmet light
Red flashing rear light

Additional Gear
Gear bins labeled with team name (1 per team member)


We love our volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering for this race, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and the race director will be in touch.


We are taking COVID-19 seriously and want to ensure that all our race participants as well as our community, are safe. If necessary we will implement a plan and guidelines in order to keep all involved healthy. More information regarding this will be passed on as race day approaches. For now, please plan to wear a mask when at race headquarters and transition areas, as well as follow social-distancing guidelines. For more information, click here.

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Stay tuned for more information as the race day approaches!

Stay tuned for lodging information.

-Teams will consist of 2 to 4 racers
-Team members must race together for the entire race
-Teams must carry all mandatory gear at all times
-Transition areas are provided where teams change to another mode of travel in a transition area. A gear box will be transported between transition areas where teams can store food, water, gear, fresh clothing, and any other items they may need during the course of the race.
-GPS is not allowed for navigation, it can be used to track your race
-Outside assistance or motorized travel is not allowed
-Racers must stay out of areas / routes identified as off limits

What disciplines are involved in the NOMAD?
-The 2021 NOMAD will involve river paddling, mountain biking and trekking. Racers will also need to navigate using a compass and topographic map.

How long is the NOMAD?
-Racers will have 48 hours to complete the course. There are mandatory and optional checkpoints so the minimum distance to complete race will be about 110 miles while the distance to clear the full course will be about 160 miles.

How difficult will navigation be for NOMAD?
-The course will not be marked except for checkpoints and racers will need to navigate using a compass and topographic map. Course can be completed without leaving marked trails and roads.

I'm race triathlons / marathons, how is NOMAD different?
-Logistics in NOMAD are critical. You will have gear boxes that will be transported between checkpoints but it could take over 12 hours to get from one checkpoint to another without access to food, water, or extra clothing. Also, the course is unmarked so navigation is critical for success.

I've never done an adventure race before, should I sign up for NOMAD?
-While we would love to have you and a successful race is definitely possible the unique challenges of adventure racing makes it a good idea to start with a shorter adventure race to get some experience with the logistics, navigation, and sleep deprivation.

Cancellation Policy: We are unable to offer refunds on race registration fees.* However, we will happily transfer your entry to a future race.
*If we end up having to postpone or cancel the 2021 race due to COVID, all registered racers will receive a full refund.


Are you needing a teammate to compete with in one of our races? Check out the Adventure Race Teammate Finder Facebook page for other racers looking for partners!




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