Greetings Racers!

We hope your training is going well for the 2024 Genesis Adventure Race!  We are busy designing a fun and challenging course and keeping our fingers crossed for good weather!  At present, Wellington Lake is still frozen, and there is some significant snow in the area.  But, with the forecast for 70-degree days, we are confident there will be a lot of thawing and melting!

But, as always, this is an adventure race – and it WILL take place.  Don’t forget the epic race of 2021 when we saw 16 inches of snow the day before the race!   


Exciting Arc’Teryx mini-series 

This year, Arc’Teryx is sponsoring a 3-race mini-series within the RMAS.   The three races include Genesis, Never Summer, and Battle by the Brook!  You MUST sign up for the series and race in at least two mini-series races to participate.  Each member of the winning teams (in EACH category) will win a fantastic prize from Arc’Teryx.       If you are unfamiliar with the quality of the Arc’Teryx gear, please do some research.  They are the leader in outdoor apparel and are known for their exceptional quality!  



Orienteering Course 

Again, we are offering the Orienteering Course, which is taught by our very own Matthew Fox.  Matthew has been involved in many amazing adventure races throughout the world.   The reports from last year’s clinic were overwhelmingly positive with many racers reporting that his clinic made a huge difference in their team’s ability to navigate the 2023 Genesis race.  If you haven’t signed up and are interested, please email the race directors at [email protected].


The 2024 Genesis Course

You can expect another challenging course for 2024.  The 6-hour course is expected to have about 15-20 miles of mountain biking, 5-6 miles of trekking, 2-3 miles of paddling, as well as the climbing and rappelling sections.  You can expect an elevation gain over 4000 ft.

The 12-hour course is expected to have between 30-40 miles of mountain biking, 8-12 miles of trekking, and 2-3 miles of paddling – along with the climbing and rappelling.  This course could see as much as 7000 ft of elevation gain!

The climbing and rappelling sections will again be supported by the fantastic guides at Summit Ascent International and have proven to be the highlight of the Genesis races!  Don’t miss this section!!


Race Check-In All Races 

Saturday 6-8 pm – Maps will be provided.  

Passports will be handed out at the pre-race meeting.

Please do not check in at the Wellington main office. Check-in will be at the Brown lot just East of the office (map below).




  • Some CPs will be on the map, others may need to be copied in addition to some requiring teams to utilize the UTM system to map them.

  • 6 and 12 Hour racers should expect to utilize your 1:24,000 UTM tool to map several points. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand! 

  • Instruction link in the Gear list.


Race Schedule  (subject to change)

Genesis 12-hour race

  • Racer meeting 6:30 am

  • Passport instructions will be given during check-in and pre-race meeting.

  • Start time: 7:00 am

  • End time 7:00 pm

  • Awards at 7:30 pm

Genesis 6-hour race

  • Racer meeting 8:30 am 

  • Passport instructions will be given during check-in and pre-race meeting.

  • Start time: 9:00 am

  • End time: 3:00 pm

  • Awards 1-hour post-race finish

  • Awards 3:30 pm 

Meal provided from 4-8 pm.


 Boat/Bike/Gear drop

  • All teams will be allowed gear bin(s) to be dropped at the appropriate location revealed at check-in, Brown lot, east of the Wellington Lake office. 

  • 1 Gear bin/box per person. 29 x 20 x 15 (Costco size black/yellow)

  • If you rented a canoe or kayak from registration, they will be available at the check-in location (Brown Lot). If you rented from Wellington, please communicate with them on when to get your boat. You and your team will pick up and carry your rented equipment to the drop area, as well as return it to where you picked it up!  If you rent it, YOU must take return it!


  • We are sold out of boats for rent through the race.

  • Wellington Lake may have a few boats left. Contact them at [email protected]

  • The boat sections for all races will be on flat water


  • If you have reserved a camping spot through us, it will be in the open area we have reserved called Royal Elk Meadow. There will be signs directing you to the location.

Climbing Section 

We are excited that SAI guides are returning to sponsor the climb and repel section! They will provide a limited number of harnesses; you are strongly encouraged to bring your equipment (harness, ATC type belay device, and 1 locking carabiner) to ensure fit and possibly reduce wait time. You MUST wear your bike helmet in this section. No helmets will be provided.



All teams must have at least one 1:24,000 UTM tool to map a limited number of checkpoints. Attached is a video on how to use a UTM tool. 

Gear list

6-hour Mandatory Gear List link (subject to change)

12-hour Mandatory Gear list link (subject to change)



Please review the rules of travel here

Wellington Lake on Google 

On Google Maps or your maps app, enter Wellington Lake as your destination, not the physical address. Maps may direct you to Forest Road 543, Forest Road 550, or Forest Road 560. These roads are not maintained year-round, can be impassable after snow events, and are subject to Forest Service closures. The most reliable route is through Bailey and County Road 68.


Cell Reception 

Don’t expect cell reception once you get to the camp! Please make your calls before you get to the race.