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The Timberline AR is a new 12-hour race designed and directed by Athena Adventures (A2). This race will take place near Taylor Park Reservoir in Gunnison County, Colorado. Elevation will range from 9,000 ft to 11,500 ft.  The terrain will be tough, and the location will be remote, as usual for A2 races. Stay tuned for more information. 

This race requires permitting from the National Forest Service due to the course taking place on NFS land.  We appreciate the assistance from the NFS in making this race possible. 

The Bears Ears 12-hour Adventure Race located in Routt County will be back in 2023.


The race updates will come trickling out as the race date approaches.  Expect a brief update a few months before the race, and expect a final communication one-week prior to the race.  

Race registration is open, if the race fills up to capacity months before the race date, please email the race director to put your name on the waiting list.  The last two weeks before the race there are often many cancellations, which means you may get a spot in the race at the last minute.  


The Timberline AR will be held near Taylor Park Reservoir in Gunnison County. This location is high elevation where racers will start around 9,000 ft and go as high as 11,500 ft.  Be prepared for some high elevation. 


Racers will navigate the unmarked course by hiking/trekking, mountain biking (dirt road/ATV track/trail), and paddling (flat water).  Racers will be provided a map, a passport, a mandatory gear list, and a canoe (for teams) or kayak (for solo racers).  If you wish to bring your own boat, please indicate on your registration that you are bringing your own boat.  Be prepared to drop off your boat at the boat transition area the morning of the race, around 5AM.


Racers may form teams of 2, 3, or 4 (open and Co-Ed) to participate in this race.  Solo racers may register as well. Remember, if your team does 3 or more races in the series, your team will be eligible for the cash prize at the end of the RMAS race season. 


Mandatory GEAR LIST is found at the link.  Email A2 for any questions or clarifications. 


There will be no equipment rental required for his race.  A2 will be providing canoes/kayaks with paddles and PFDs.  You are welcome to bring your own boat, paddles, and/or PFDs.  You must bring your own bicycle and mandatory gear. 


We love our volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering for this race, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and the race director will be in touch.  Also ,if your are volunteering to support a team, let the race director know which team, that team will receive points for the RMAS overall series prize. 


We take COVID-19 seriously and want to ensure that all our race participants, as well as the surrounding community, are safe. If necessary we will implement a plan and guidelines to keep in compliance with local communities and Federal guidelines in order to keep all involved healthy. For more information, click here.

The entire event is outside, and racers may choose to wear a mask at check-in, race start, race transition areas, and race finish, but at this time, it is not mandatory. 



All activities below will take place on Saturday, August 20.

Boat Drop: 5:00 AM

Check-In: 5:30 AM

Race Briefing: 6:30 AM

Race Start: 7:00 AM

Race Cut-off: 7:00 PM

Food/Awards: 7:00 PM


The race start will be in the National Forest away from facilities.  We will provide information on facilities closer to race day. Race staff will be camping at this location, and racers may camp in the same area.

However, there are numerous campgrounds and lodging near this location. The National Forest Service has at least 4 campgrounds to choose from.  There is the Taylor Park Trading Post where cabins can be rented.  A little further away is the Harmel’s Ranch Resort.  Then in Almont, CO there are several places to stay including The Three Rivers Resort.  There are also resorts on the east side of Cottonwood Pass closer to Buena Vista, CO. 

Please reserve your hotels/cabins/campsites early to ensure you have somewhere to stay if you do not wish to camp at the race start/finish. 

This area is very popular with ATV recreation which may lead to full campsites and cabins. 


Click the RACE RULES link to review the race rules.  Be aware that any GPS devices that reveals your location is not allowed.  Additionally, any device that provides your distance while on foot is not allowed. Bike computers that capture your distance are encouraged, but they must not have GPS capabilities.  

Please do not do anything that will lead another team to accuse your team of cheating with a GPS. GPS use is instant disqualification from the race. 


Where is the race start?  The race starts and finishes in Gunnison National Forest near Taylor Park Reservoir.  More information will be provided as race day approaches 

Where do I find lodging?  While the race staff will be camping at the race start, racers may camp at this location or find some other lodging.  Under the lodging section above, a few ideas are provided. 

When do I receive the race course maps?  You will receive the race course maps 1.5 hours before race start on race day.  You have 1.5 hours to determine your route and plan your race strategy. 

Do I need to bring my own boat for the flat water paddling leg?  No, A2 will provide canoes and kayaks along with paddles and PFDs.  However, these boats are well used, so do not expect a fast race boat.  Please feel free to bring your own boat and gear. 

Is food provided during and after the race? There will be food and water at the Transition Areas, but do not rely on this food to get you through the entire 12-hour race. Bring your own food. There will be food served at the end of the race while we wait for the awards ceremony to start. It will be a camp-style meal. 

Please email [email protected] if you have any other questions. 


Cancellation Policy: Full refunds can be provided up to 30 days prior to the event.  Once the race is under 30 days away, cancelled registrations can be rolled to the next year’s race or transferred to another racer. 

Please email the race director if you must cancel.  The race director will provide additional guidance on the policy. 

If the race is not permitted by the National Forest Service, the racers will receive a full refund.  


Are you needing a teammate to compete with in one of our races? Check out the Adventure Race Teammate Finder Facebook page for other racers looking for partners!




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