Does it feel like race season yet? I hope so because it’s go time! If you have not read through the previous racer updates, please do so. There is important information in each. Race update 1, Race update 2


Liability waivers

We have another liability waiver! This one is for the climbing section. Please have all racers sign this by race day. SAI Waiver Link

To avoid a delay in check-in, please make sure your entire team has signed the Wellington Lake Liability waiver. You will not receive your map until all participants have signed all waivers.


Race Check-In

Check-in is NOT at the Wellington main office. Drive past the office on Stoney Pass road and just after you pass the lake, you will run into race check-in along with the camp area. Exact location here.


For Saturday Race:

Check-in Saturday morning 6-8 am

For Sunday Races:

Check-in Saturday evening 5-8 pm or Sunday morning 6-8 am



Race Schedule

Saturday, Genesis 6 hour race 

⦁    Racer meeting 8:15 am

⦁    Start time: 09:00 am

⦁    End time 3:00 pm

Sunday, Genesis 6 hour race 

⦁    Racer meeting 8:15 am

⦁    Start time: 09:00 am

⦁    End time 3:00 pm

Sunday, Genesis 12 hour race 

⦁    Racer meeting 6:30 am

⦁    Start time: 07:00am

⦁    End time 7:00 pm

Food after Sunday races only.



You will be receiving a blank map upon check-in and will have to transcribe all cp’s from a master map. The reason for this is last-minute adjustments requested by the Jefferson County and US Forest Service. You will not get your map until all race liability waivers have been signed by each team member. 



1. Good news, we have sourced 11 single-person Kayaks for full-day/race rental. Use this link to find out more info and rent.

2. The boat sections for all 3 races will now be on flat water, as opposed to the class 3 rapids originally planned for the 12-hour race.

3. You will be able to drop your boats the night before or early morning at the boat staging area.


Course Update

The climb/rappel section is a go! Summit Ascents International is a local guiding company committed to providing a fulfilling and personalized experience for any type of climber. Please check their website out at It’s pretty amazing what they offer.

You are encouraged to bring your own harness. SAI will have limited S/M and M/L harnesses. If the harness does not fit, you will be asked to skip the section due to safety. It will be mandatory to wear a helmet while climbing. A bike helmet is acceptable. 


Gear Bins

Your team will be allowed gear bins. You will have access to them at least 1 time during the race. You will be able to drop them off the night before at the boat coral. This location will be provided to you upon check-in.



All teams must have at least one 1:24,000 UTM tool for the orienteer section. Attached is a video on how to use a UTM tool.


Gear list

6-hour Mandatory Gear List link (subject to change)

12-hour Mandatory Gear list link (subject to change)



Please review the rules of travel here.


Camping at Wellington

If you reserved a campsite through the race, you will receive your designated campsite location upon check-in. The campground is a large open space with primitive bathrooms and no potable water available.


Wellington Lake on Google

On Google maps or your maps app, enter Wellington Lake, as your destination, not the physical address. Maps may direct you to take  Forest Road 543, Forest Road 550, or Forest Road 560. These roads are not maintained year-round, can be impassable after snow events, and are subject to Forest Service closures. The most reliable route is through Bailey and County Road 68. Race check-in is here.



Since all equipment, permits, insurance, and race swag has been purchased, we are no longer offering cancellations with full refunds. If you need to cancel your race spot, please email us.


Cell Reception

Don’t expect cell reception once you get to the camp! Please make your calls before you get to the race.